Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Believe...

...that not everyone needs to have a blog. If you are beating yourself up because you think you should have a blog, but don't know what to write about, then you shouldn't have a blog. If you have a blog and haven't updated it in over a month, you shouldn't have a blog. If you have a blog and have ever told to someone face-to-face "read my blog" in response to a question they asked about you, you shouldn't have a blog. lines are quickly becoming a thing of the past in our homes. The next thing to go will be cable television as we know it. Soon we will all be exclusively watching our favorite programs on or through our computers.

...we go to war over oil. But we hide it in territorial disputes, religious conflicts and "making the world safer." But it's not as simple as just switching to wind and solar energy. It's going to be tough to get us off the junk. The drug suppliers (the oil companies) and drug dealers (the politicians) are making way too much money. They are more than happy to kill our earthy goose to get the golden eggs. If only we could harness their hot air.

...all our public transportation systems in this country are fubar. None of them are reliable. All of them treat people like tightly packed cattle. I want teleportation and I want it NOW! Want to get technology rolling on this? Get the sex industry on it. I envision teleportation glory holes where you can have your weenie yanked by a hooker in Amsterdam without leaving your apartment in Joliet. Yes. I am a man of vision.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Secretary James Peake, a Bush appointee, has made it more difficult for some voters to register by banning voter registration where?"

18% said "picnics"
- I don't think the administration is afraid of the ambrosia Jell-O-with-marshmallows crowd. Yet.

19% said "US Embassies"
- These people probably got their cushy foreign jobs through Bush and company.

9% said "prisons"
- Yeah. You tell no-neck Bubba with the toothless grin and hammer fists that he's not allowed to vote.

54% got it right with "veterans facilities"

According to Think Progress, this past May, the Veterans Affairs Department, led by Secretary James Peake, issued a directive prohibiting nonpartisan voter registration drives “at federally financed nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and shelters for homeless veterans.”

In Sunday’s New York Times, Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz writes, “What is the secretary of Veterans Affairs thinking?“: The federal government should be doing everything it can to support our nation’s veterans who have served us so courageously. There can be no justification for any barrier that impedes the ability of veterans to participate in democracy’s most fundamental act, the vote.

Clearly, he's not thinking. Somebody else is and he's being their Gonzales-esque patsy. The administragtion is taking the slimy back roads to try to ensure a republican victory. But why stop with finding a new way to screw over veterans? There must be some way to keep all democrats from voting. Maybe somehow convince us that voting causes carbon emissions. Maybe there's such a thing as secondhand voting. Being elected certainly seems to retroactively cause birth defects in our politicians.


mark krause said...

shit and i had to move from joliet,damn my parents. I enjoy your blog,making comments is about all i can do writing a blog is just not in me.

Joe Janes said...

Making comments is important! Reminds me I'm not writing in a vacuum.