Friday, May 11, 2007

Fry Day


MOM: Is back in the hospital. The doctors aren't sure what's the matter. She had an attack similar to what she had last week which they thought was caused by an alteration in her prescribed medicine. They kept her overnight. I spoke with her yesterday afternoon. On her way to the hospital, they shoved a tube down her throat to help her breathe which, when removed, caused her voice to be deep and raspy. She actually sounded old to me. She has always sounded older, but she never sounded like an old lady to me before. It was chilling.

We had our first meeting, last night. It was small group, but they rocked. I was delighted by the level of quality and at how great everyone was at giving constructive, honest feedback. A common thread developed in the criticism. Most of the scenes started out strong and then flattened out into just a string of jokes or events that failed to heighten the situation. This isn't unusual. An interesting issue comes up early and the writer, instead of exploring that theme, abandons it to move on to other jokes that they want to fit in. So, many first drafts of scenes end up feeling more like two or three scenes in one. Usually, the strongest part of the scene is the one that has the most emotional resonance. Get rid of all that excess "funny" stuff and develop the more interesting stuff where the characters are more emotionally invested in an outcome.

Everyone took an assignment to work on for next week. I put together an image, a line of dialogue and a word from the dictionary. Their challenge was to weave them all into a scene, either figuratively or literally. Here's one that was left over. Feel free to use it on your own...

RoboWriter Assignment #10

Write a scene using the following elements….

An image…

A line of dialogue…

“If you give any explanation but the true one, you are a liar and a coward.”

And a word or phrase…


You can take these words or images figuratively or literally. It’s up to you.

TODAY: It's a scaled down version of Savage Breast at 2pm at Manifest in the Sculpture Garden next to the Getz Theater...
Soiree DADA will take to the street for a brief but glorious time during LOOPTOPIA on Friday, May 11th. Bask in the sunshine of their love at The Plaza at Chase Tower, between 7:15 - 7:45pm... And somewhere in all that. I'll finish my research paper and study for a final exam. Yikes!

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