Saturday, April 28, 2007

How To Ruin Date Night

My schedule is pretty crazy and it flies in the face of my girlfriend's normal schedule. We make sure that once a week, at the very least, we have a date night. Last night's date night was a simple dinner at home and watch a movie. We decided to watch Cache, a very intriguing and unconventional French noir - unconventional in that it doesn't use a soundtrack and often has long scenes done in one take from a still camera.

I have seasonal allergies. And I hate to take allergy medicine. It takes care of the symptoms, but usually leaves me feeling pretty loopy. Yesterday afternoon, though, the sneezing and runny nose was just too much. Certainly not an attractive asset to Date Night. SO, I scrounged through the medicine cabinet and found some allergy medicine from last year, some Walgreen's knock off. Checked the expiration date - good til December '07 - and took the last one.

Things were all good. Julie came home. We whipped up a dinner and then watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report together. I felt myself getting very sleepy, in spite of the non-drowsy medicine. Maybe I didn't get enough caffeine. I stuck pretty close to home all day and hadn't had anything since some white tea that morning. Surely that was it. Julie made tea for us and we settled in to watch Cache. Half an hour in, I could barely keep my eyes open. I told Julie about the Wal-Fed I took and she said that we don't have any non-drowsy medicine. It's an antihistamine. Guaranteed to knock me on my butt. And it did. I went to bed at 9pm while Julie finished the movie.

I woke up at 11pm or so, wide awake and with an upset stomach. Julie was already in bed and my stirring woke her. We chatted for a moment. She liked the movie. but erased it from the DVR because she thought I didn't like it. That it bored me. It didn't bore me. I was on drugs. I got up to sit up for awhile. I was going to work on the computer, but both cats had commandeered my chair. Yes - cats napping affects my work. So, I turned on the TV and found Cache was playing. I turned to it and it was exactly at the point where I stopped watching. So, I stayed up. Date Night having been effectively killed, I was going to accomplished something positive!

MOM UPDATE: She's home! Doing well. The surgery was minor and won't affect her regular routine. Yeah!