Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ohio Unbound

Made it.

Interesting holiday time in Ohio this year...

My younger brother Bob doesn't want anything for Christmas. If you do anything for him, make a donation to
The North Coast Greyhound Connection. Admirable. I haven't done that, yet, but did buy two flying chickens (chewy, fetchy dog toys - no actual chickens were harmed) for his dogs Rush and Liberty to play with.

My older brother Don continues to get healthier. I am writing this at his computer and am sitting on a huge yoga ball. He has ditched his office chair and replaced it with a yoga ball. I guess it's better for your back, but I am in fear of rolling off and bouncing my head off his treadmill at any moment.

I bought three ugly Christmas sweaters, as my brothers had requested, for a family picture on Thursday. They were unable to find any in Ohio. It's not that they don't make or sell them here. Oh, they do. They were looking in the wrong place. Men, if you want an ugly Christmas sweater, you won't find it in the Mens' section of a department store. You'll only find goofy holiday ties and boxer shorts there. Only women are brave enough to openly display these wool-poly blend monsters of textile art. The three sweaters I bought were from the Plus Size Womens' Section of a K-Mart. I had to convince my brothers that it was okay to wear a woman's sweater, especially since the goal was to look ridiculous. They conceded, but suggested we keep the tags on so I can return them.

Today, I eat porridge (my brother made porridge and it is good), post my grades for my Columbia students, do some exploring around the iced-over town, meet my brother to go pick up raw milk from a farm in Maumee and then take some over to my cousin Nate.

I'm glad I was able to come in to town early to be able to do these things. It's good to come back to where you came from to get in touch with your roots and affirm why you got the hell out of here in the first place.


Yesterday, I asked...

"For the first time ever at Christmas, the same song, different cover versions of an older song, holds the number one and two spot on the British music charts. The original song is what?"
66% said "John Lennon's "Happy Christmas - War is Over""
- Happy Christmas! No one did a cover of this classic and had a hit with it.

9% said "Randy Brooks' "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer""
- This American classic remains unsullied by a British invasion.

No one thought it was "David Seville's "Christmas Don't Be Late"
- Probably would have received a few votes of I had mention is was David Seville AND THE CHIPMUNKS. But it would still be as wrong as when it came out in 1958.

25 % got it right with "Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah""

According to
Cape Argus News, Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah has made British chart history, becoming both number one and number two in the Christmas singles charts - although both versions are covers.

Alexandra Burke took the top slot with her version after winning the TV talent show X Factor this month, and fans of US musician Jeff Buckley got his classic version to number two through downloads.

Sony/BMG would really prefer I not embed the Jeff Buckley music video of "Hallelujah" but you can find it HERE.

Same for Alexandra Burke's belted out American Idolized version of the same song. You can find it HERE.

The first one by Buckley is more heartfelt and sincere. Burke's version, however, is the thick slab of cheese I demand from my pop star Christmas carols. His is better, but she wins. Life is unfair. Merry Christmas. Enjoy the porridge.