Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Believe...

...that there is no heaven. If you spend this life focused on going to a blissful afterlife, you're missing - or avoiding - living now. And if I'm wrong, then I have a pleasant surprise coming my way. What? You don't get into heaven if you don't believe in it. I find that difficult to buy. Which Bible is that in? That puts me and many decent people in the same category as murderers and pedophiles. Seems a bit harsh for being pragmatic. Maybe there are levels. I get into heaven, just not into the VIP rooms. Instead of a halo and wings, they hand me a bucket and mop.

...that if you spend your time trying to be liked by as many people as possible, then you live your life like it's a big blob of Play-Doh that other people get to shape. Be your own Fun Factory.

...that John McCain will say and do whatever he thinks will make his constituents like him. He now says he never said he was a maverick. My mother suffers from Alzheimers. If he's not pandering, I am concerned.

...that you can keep your iPad and your iPhone. Love my MacBook, but I'm fine with a book and my non-AT&T Blackberry Tour.

...that the best stress reliever is rubbing my cat's belly. Corporations should strongly consider cat belly breaks. People who are allergic to cats are going to hell. It's in the Bible.