Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Believe...

...that, for a news junkie, I'm exhausted! Most draining is seeing how much pain and suffering is caused for the sake of increasing a profit margin - shoddy nuclear reactors, oil spills, etc. I may have to take a news break and just watch Comedy Central Celebrity Roasts all day.

...that, the Bible is an interesting work of literature wide open to interpretation possibly as an exercise in exploring faith. I'm cool with Jesus, but, dude, can you pull some of your peeps aside and tell them not to use the Bible to bolster their arguments against the things they are prejudiced against? Or, you know, just send a bolt of lightning Victoria Jackson's direction? We'll look the other way.

...that governments need to learn and grow as much as people need to learn and grow and cutting funds to education, arts and information is a great way to keep the light off.

...that your comedy sketch does not have to end on a laugh. I'd rather it ended in a way that makes sense than a joke that thwarts or has nothing to do with everything else leading up to it.

...that if you're going to do a podcast, do it the way Wood Sugars does. They care about quality and put a lot of time and energy into making sure their product is listenable, watchable and entertaining. Check out the interview/variety show they did with Ted Tremper and check out their first guest on the all-video Dates with Ever. He showed up thinking it was going to be all audio, thus the ball cap, 10 o'clock shadow, and funky body odor smell coming from your computer monitor.