Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Believe...

...that any artist who makes the claim that they don't care about the audience is lying. Or an idiot. There's no point in telling a story, no matter how good, to a wall. The wall is nonplussed.

...that people stop thinking for themselves and for the benefit of others when millions of dollars are involved. Millions of dollars that go into their own pocket. See: BP oil spill, health care reform, mining and oil drilling "regulations," food and drug safety, trade deficit, foreign relations, etc.

...that art is designed to impact how we think and look at the world around us. And how we respond to it. Just as algebra develops how we think in school, so does art. Without art, all we'd have is math. Without math, all we'd have is art. Both are important. Equally important.

...that the general populous needs to wake-up and keep electing officials who are smarter than we are, like Obama. Stop electing people who are just louder and more inciting.

...there was a theater conference in Chicago? I was too busy not going to the Just For Laughs festival. There were too many Chicago plays and sketch revues outside the formal gatherings for me to see.