Thursday, August 7, 2008

News Quiz


Yesterday, I asked...

"Thomas Howell, 71, of Cincinnati has been convicted in a road rage case that involved waving his gun at another motorist. This is unusual considering Howell is a what?"

42% said "Peace Activist"
- Hey, you get what you deserve when you cut off someone in a VW mini-van.

14% said "Cop"
- Would you really consider that unusual?

No one said "Librarian"
- He actually only waved a book about guns at the other driver.

42% got it right with "Preacher"

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, a 71-year-old Cincinnati preacher has been convicted of aggravated menacing, after another motorist said he waved a gun and cursed at her. Thomas Howell could get up to six months in jail on the misdemeanor charge when he's sentenced Sept. 4.

Preachers packing heat? Guess that's what they mean by FIRE! and brimstone.