Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas or Whatever

Regardless of what you celebrate or if you celebrate - My Christmas Day celebration will consist of visiting my mother, eating at a Chinese buffet in Sandusky, Ohio and seeing Quantum of Solace (we re-watched Casino Royale last night to prepare) - hope this time of year finds you in touch with the people and things that you love the most in life.

Like guns!

See that cold, steely look in my eye? The set jaw? The stain on the floor? That's me shooting a magnum at the Oak Harbor Conservation Club. Not sure what they are out to conserve given that the building and outdoors seems primarily devoted to putting bullet-sized holes in things.

Not bad. I hit the paper less than 10% of the time. Take that, bad guys. Don't mess with me or I will blow a small portion of you away.

Yeah. Don't look for me hanging out at the local gun swaps anytime soon.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Uriel Oliva of Los Angeles was arrested in Orange County after a photo was discovered of him doing what?"

No one said "flashing his bling-bling at cops," "flashing his private parts at nuns," or "flashing his camera at celebrities"

100% got it right with "flashing gang signs on Santa"

(Unfortunately, I was having problems with blogger and what git cut off from the end of the right answer is "-'s lap." Make more sense now?)

According to KTLA News, an alleged gang member has landed himself in jail for flashing gang signs in a photo he took while sitting on Santa's lap.

Uriel Oliva, 18, was arrested early last week after a visit with Santa at the Village Mall in Orange.

Police say that Oliva was under a court order not to associate with members of his street gang, engage in gang activity or hang out at the Village Mall when the photo was taken Dec. 16.

The picture included Oliva and two other members of the Orange County Criminals gang. Oliva's probation officer apparently spotted the photo on a keychain during a probation check.

He has been sentenced to a lump of coal in his stocking.