Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

The Big & Betsy Show - Knorsong (2000)

A slight departure from the usual American nostalgia on Saturday Morning Cartoons. This is from a Belgian children's show called "Big & Betsy." "Big & Betsy" was a popular TV show featuring live action and animation. The animation also featured cartoon versions of Big and Betsy, which is unusual for a kid's show. Like all classic cartoon pigs, Big is naked from the waist down.

I chose it because I think it carries a universal message kids all over the world would love.

The universal message? Farting is funny.

Pretty cool that a kid's show knows this and uses it.
It makes me wonder how much more I'd enjoy shows like The Teletubbies or Barney if they farted.

I believe "fopje flauw mopje" roughly translates to "silly people tell silly jokes."


Yesterday, I asked...

"Don and Debra Macleod wrote a book to help married couples put the spark back in their sex lives. Its title is what?"

Receiving 14% of the responses was "Zen and the Art of Getting It On"
It's all about the quality, folks.

Receiving 28% each were "What Color is Your Condom?" and "Dirty Deeds for Dummies"
Good guesses. But learn to abstain.

The popular answer at 30%, and the correct answer, is "Lube Jobs"

According to The Huffington Post, Don and Debra came up with this book as a sex maintenance manual. Which is good. Women don't like it when their spouses get their johnsons worked on by a professional.