Friday, May 9, 2008

24 Play Festival Frenzy

I am late posting today because I am in the middle of a Columbia College 24-Hour Play Festival storm. Actually, right now, I am in the eye of the storm. Last night at 6pm I met my director and cast - Paul Amandes (who I was hoping to score as a director), Lila Collins, Ben Burke and Matt Scott. Three students I have never worked with before. And I got to grab a prop from a table with the other playwrights. I grabbed a beat up old shovel with the initials W.R.Y. burned into the handle. It's easy to let your mind conjure up possibles ideas before walking into the room, but it always changes after meeting everyone and taking the train and bus home. By the way, if you want to make sure people don't bother you on the el, carry a shovel with you.

I'm pretty happy with what I came up with. Paul has added a lot of depth to it and the actors are bringing it to life. It's about a repressed office worker drone in the '50's who is tormented by his domineering and cheating wife. His life turns when he meets his new co-worker, an equally repressed woman. I've also incorporated some interpretive dancing done by the repressed gay boss to music by Combustible Edison (one of my favorites.)

I spent the morning with cast and crew and once I felt they didn't need me, I split to give them some room to breathe. You can witness the mayhem with me for free at Columbia College's Classic Studio, 72 East 11th Street, at 8pm. Get there early. It always packs out and seating is first come, first served.


Make your plans now. It's our final weekend for The Greatest Stories Never Told...TOLD! Saturday and Sunday at 4pm at Gorilla Tango, 1919 North Milwaukee. $10. And ROBOWRITERS returns on Saturday at 1pm. Also at Gorilla Tango. $5. Bring out your sketches!


Yesterday, I asked...

"A police officer in Bremerton, Washington caught a 15-year-old shoplifter when he noticed the boy had what?"

85% said "An unusually large crotch"
- "Is that contraband in your pocket or are you just happy to see a cop?"

No one said "Price tags on his clothes" or "A parka"

15% got it right with "Chocolate breath"

According to The Associated Press, it was the odor of chocolate on the suspect's breath that gave away a 15-year-old boy accused of shoplifting candy bars in Bremerton. An officer responding to the shoplifting report Friday night caught up with the suspect on a bicycle.

First he denied taking candy bars, but the officer could smell an odor of chocolate and called witnesses who identified the boy.

He confessed and said he was hungry and did it for the thrill.

Did it for the thrill? Clearly, this moron hasn't been influenced enough by TV and video games. Stealing a gun and a bottle of Jack, then peddling away on your bike, now that's a thrill. Hopefully, stealing chocolate bars is a gateway crime.