Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday at Sketchfest

It's a Sunday, what the hell am I doing posting? Just doing some quick picks for Sketchfest.


BEST CHURCH OF GOD - North Theater - The long-running 10:30am Skybox show has come back from eternity to do one more show at an hour when most of us can negotiate our bodies well enough to attend. May be your last chance ever to see this satire, so, see it.


THE ASSRISTOCRACY - North Theater - Described as "It will be a ripping good time!" and directed by one of my favorite humans, Sir James Honey. On the same bill as Jablonski, which looks like an off-shoot of those "Grandma June's Sewing Circle" guys. Both shows peppered with former students and colleagues of mine.


CELL CAMP - North Theater - Former Writing 5 students and actors have gone renegade under the direction of Chris Othic. Definitely check them out. On the same bill as the intriguingly titled Carpeted Afterhours who has the best self-penned bio ever on the Sketchfest website " entirely edge-free, conservative, and compromising sketch show. It’s a most-holds-barred, slow-paced banquet of playacting that takes you tenderly by jowls and into the land of snooze."


CREEPY HUG - North Theater - Strong cast of comedians backed a strong trio of writers. On the same bill as 4 Days Late.

So, basically, if you plant your butt in the North Theater and stay there all day, you have very good odds of being delightfully entertained.

For ticket info, click HERE.