Thursday, January 15, 2009


(Me and the soon-to-be mustache, Zed)

The beard is gone...for now.

It will return and will be the hairy thrown clay from which my spinning pottery wheel face will create...a moustache!

Don't panic. It's for a good cause. I am participating in 826's Moustache-A-Thon. A facial hair growing event designed to raise money for the non-profit writing/tutoring center for which I also volunteer.

It began yesterday, thus the RedEye to prove I was coming out of the starting gate clean shaven. I have until February 18th to grow an amazing moustache. My goal...The Zed!

My mustache shall be named Zed, after Sean Connery’s character in the great bad film Zardoz. Zed is a savage warrior who threatens the status quo of the distant future - as the movie tag lines say, beyond 1984, even 2001!

Each Zed whisker of mine shall be a tentacle of brute genius hellbent on vigilante justice. Zed shall single-lippedly hurl all other competitors into the Vortex of loserdom! At the end of Mustache-a-thon, all who remain shall kneel down before Zed!

Soon I will be able to link to a site where you may show your love and devotion to Zed through monetary gifts that will benefit 826.

* Sean Connery’s character also sports a ponytail, which I will not be attempting in fear of the excess neck and back strain the extra weight might cause.



PENNYBEAR - West Theater - Crazy off-center comedy featuring the awesome Nancy Friedrich. On the same bill as Broadminded, an all-fem gang from Milwaukee


ROBOT VS DINOSAUR - South Theater - Of course you should see this! This is the "hit single" version of our Are You There God? It's Me, Satan show. Great cast, funny scenes. On the same bill as Think Tank

THE FOWLER FAMILY RADIO HOUR and LOLA BALATRO - North Theater - If you can't get in to see RvD, or you already saw the hell show, check out these guys. Fowler has been around for years and has generated good buzz. Lola features Paul Thomas from The Breeders video I did. He is a funny, prolific guy. There will probably be a lot of great comedy music in both shows, too, if you're in to that sort of thing.

For ticket info, click HERE.


Yesterday, I asked...

"An authorized sequel to the 1928 book 'The House at Pooh Corner" will be published soon and it is titled what?"

16% said "Much Ado Pooh"
- Featuring that melancholy dane, Piglet.

9% said "Son of Pooh"
- Where Pooh's offspring terrorizes New York City.

No one said "House Full of Pooh"

75% got it right with "Return to the Hundred Acre Wood"

According to BBC News, the Bear of Very Little Brain will make his comeback in Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, the first authorised sequel to Milne's original 1920s stories. "We hope that the many millions of Pooh enthusiasts and readers around the world will embrace and cherish these new stories as if they had just emerged from the pen of A A Milne himself," said Michael Brown of the Trustees of the Pooh Properties.

Yeah. Be careful with the phrase "pooh enthusiasts." Let's just say you don't want to Google it without the safesearch filter on.