Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ask Ken Levine

Ken Levine has been out in Hollywood writing and directing sitcoms for quite a long time. He started as a young pup on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. he had regular writing gigs on MASH, Cheers and Frazier. He's also directed episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. Writing students ask me about sitcoms and writing for them all the time. All I can tell them is what I have heard. I have had no practical experience. This guy has and he generously doles out what's in his brain. He's doing a teleseminar this coming Thursday and it's FREE. Who the hell does that in this day and age? This guy does.

Ask Ken Levine
About Writing TV

On Thursday,
January 20, I will
answer as many questions as
possible about TV
Sitcom Writing.
Please join me.

There are still slots available. If you have a scheduling conflict, you can request a recording of it. There is a small charge for that. To sign up, click HERE.