Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Has The Hippy Lady in the Pantsuit Sung Yet?

Of course, it's just not over until Hillary says it's over. And, with her, there's always a likelihood of that not happening. Hopefully, that door will be closed soon and if you thought what HIllary was doing in her campaign was shifty and underhanded, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Get ready for the Republican machine to fire up and drop massive bombs of insinuation about Obama being Muslim, unpatriotic, elite and a disciple of Rev. Wright. And I'm sure they will have a few fun other surprises for us, too. But I do believe Obama is sincerely offering a change in the way America does business. And it's the only kind of change that can lead to humanizing our healthcare, emergency response systems and foreign policy. Otherwise, it's four more years of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, the middleclass disappearing, the polar icecaps melting and a cranky president who messes up a lot whenever he opens that mouth hole attached to his closed mind.

And I start looking for any possible job I can get in France. Est-ce que bienvenue à McDonald, je peux prendre votre ordre?


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Yesterday, I asked...

"Police arrested Michael Vondueren at his home in Sacramento, CA when they discovered three freezers stuffed with what?"

42% said "Human Hair"
- Don't knock it. It's a reliable source of protein.

No one went for "Foi Gras" or "Body Parts"

58% got it right with "Dead Cats"

According to The Associated Press, police say they have discovered 300 dead cats stuffed into freezers at a man's Sacramento home. Animal control officers also removed 30 live cats from 47-year-old Michael Louis Vondueren's home over the weekend. Vondueren was arrested on suspicion of possessing an automatic weapon and obstructing police officers. Animal control officers also are considering issuing citations. Authorities say three freezers were crammed with dead cats and the house was littered with cat feces. Police say Vondueren's 81-year-old mother - remarkably not a cat - was living at the house.

Clearly, the police are overreacting to this. 300 frozen dead cats and 30 living cats. An automatic weapon. The man obviously was working on his all-cat recreation of the series LOST. The 300 dead cats were to be the victims of the fake Oceanic flight 815 crash.

Here's picture of Jack in a flash forward from Vondueren's recreation of last week's episode.

I'm a geek. Me go lie down in my geek chamber, now. Wake me up Thursday at 9pm.