Friday, August 29, 2008

Aren't We Supposed To Relax on Labor Day?

I have intentionally not scheduled myself for much this weekend. My plan is to clean and throw crap out and put more stuff up for sale. PURGE! I might also be selling that diamond ring to a guy getting ready to pop the question to his girlfriend. Nice guy. Enjoyed meeting him. Hope it works out. The sale and the marriage.


Yesterday, I asked...

"Los Angeles blogger Kevin Cogill was arrested Wednesday for posting what?"

42% said "death threats to Barack Obama"
- Yes, but he didn't pose a real threat.

33% said "drawings of Mickey Mouse as a terrorist"
- Mousama Bin Laden? Hard to get those ears wrapped inside a turban.

No one said "nude pictures of Miley Cyrus"

25% got it right with "pirated songs from Guns 'n' Roses"

According to The Smoking Gun, a Los Angeles man who allegedly posted nine pirated tracks from "Chinese Democracy," the long-overdue album from Guns N' Roses, was arrested today by FBI agents and charged with violating federal copyright laws. According to investigators, Kevin Cogill, 27, first posted the songs to his web site in June. If convicted of the felony count, Cogill faces up to five years in prison.

Guns 'n' Roses apparently wasn't upset about any copyright infringement, but the emotional duress caused by being embarrassed because the music leaked sucked moose balls. Welcome to the jungle, Axl.

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