Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Bit More

Okay, Peter, a little bit more about that Breeders video.

It features Paul Thomas and me. The tall, gangly improviser/stand-up Paul Thomas is a bike messenger trying to deliver a package to a business man - me - who does not want said package. The video also features Justin Kaufman of Schadenfreude and a woman named Denae (I have no idea how she spells her name, but this is how I spell it) who is masterful in the ways of the bicycle. We have a showdown, man against hot, punky woman on bike.

The Breeders were not there. They come in to town Saturday for a show at the Metro and we are supposed to tape a little something-something with them after their soundcheck. I fully expect Kim and Kelly Deal to fall in love with me and hire me to be their manservant and open their bottles of non-alcoholic beer with my nipples.

The song the video is for is this one...


Yesterday, I asked...

"Visitors to the Hamilton County Jail in Ohio must now adhere to a new dress code that includes what?"

16% said "No piercings that can be used as weapons"
- You mess with me, you answer to the bolt in my eyebrow, sucker.

No one said "Tasteful tattoos" or "Ties for men, hats for women"

84% got it right on with "Must wear underwear"

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, visitors to the Hamilton County jail should not dress in tattered, baggy or sexy clothes. They also definitely better put on underwear. A new dress code for visitors, finalized Thursday, starts next month at the jail.

"It has become a problem over the last several years, so we are finally addressing it," sheriff's spokesman Steve Barnett said. "It's not about telling people how to dress. It's about telling visitors to a facility you just can't come in here exposing yourself to inmates."

Killjoy. This dude has obviously never spent time in a Turkish prison.