Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Different Tom and Jerry

Pots and Pans (1932)

Still down in the dangly part of the United States, but was able to get up early enough today to post a little something, something. Some of my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons involve music, so I was trying to track one down. Instead, I found this. Van Beuren Studios - with RKO - had their own Tom and Jerry. Humans in place of animals and more Laurel and Hardy than adversaries.

There are many arguments about the origins of the music video - The Monkees, American musicals come to mind - but I think an argument could be made for early cartoons. As early animators were still wrangling with how or if to tell a story, they often just showcased a song. And I'm a sucker for early black and white cartoons. There's something very innocent and surreal about them. In this one, Tom and Jerry operate a small diner and everyone, including the food, get in on jamming to a tune. Enjoy!