Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 38, Day 266 - “What If They Held A Peace Rally And Nobody Came?"

“What If They Held A Peace Rally And Nobody Came?"

Written by Joe Janes


266 of 365


Dad, late 40s

Tad, late teens

Tad’s Mom, late 40s

A mime

Some homeless bag lady

Tom Cruise in A wheelchair like in “Born on the Fourth of July”

(Lights up on Tad sitting on the curb. A poster board sign is next to him that says “No More War.” On the other side of him is an unopened case. He looks sad. He takes his sign and tears it up. His dad, carrying a case similar to the one next to Tad, walks up.)


I hope you weren’t disappointed in the turnout for your peace rally, Tad.


Oh, no, Dad. It’s quantity, not quality, right?

DAD (sitting)

That it is, Son. That it is.


This was just a tiny ripple in the start of a tidal wave towards world peace.


That’s the spirit. I’m proud of you for trying.


Mom didn’t even come.


Your mom’s not really in a “peace” frame of mind, these days. She had her kick boxing class.


I had such a big day planned.


It started off okay. The mimes were good. Until the “Q & A” session.


They shouldn’t have told me they’d do a question and answer session if they didn’t intend to speak.


Almost had a crowd till then. You probably shouldn’t have shouted at them, being a peace rally and all.


My peace rally was a failure.


I’m not going to lie to you, Son. It was. It really, really was. (Tad, somehow, looks even more crushed) But what’s important is that you believed in something and you did something about it. Most people believe in stuff and never do anything about it, you know, like religion. Hey (He opens his case) How about a song?


Okay, Dad.

(Tad opens his case. They both pull out small tubas and begin to play “Kumbaya.” As they play, a mime, Tad’s mother wearing boxing gloves, some homeless bag lady, Tom Cruise in a wheel chair as in “Born on the Fourth of July” appear and circle behind them, holding hands, moved to tears. Dad and Tad finish and the small crowd behind them erupts into applause and cheers.)

MIME (crying)

That was so beautiful.


Now you talk? Now you talk? (Tad chases after the mime with his tuba) I hate you, mime! I hate you! (Off stage, we hear the mime being beaten by the tuba. Lights fade as the rest of the cast winces.)