Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Screaming in my Head

I have purposely been avoiding political stuff this week, even with the anniversary of 9/11. Possibly even because of that anniversary.

Quite frankly, I'm just tired of the bullshit and don't see any hope. Sorry to be such a downer.

Bush is speaking to the nation tonight to sell us the same old over-priced snake oil. The same thing he was going to peddle regardless of the Petraesaurus' report to Congress. He "might" bring 30,000 troops home by June. Exhausted soldiers that should have been sent home to stay long ago. Except it still leaves 130,000 worn out troops and there's that "might" word. Bush "might" send them home if Iraq meets certain goals. Didn't we just hear this?

Plus, Bush needs to syphon troops off of Iraq so he can send them over to Iran when we invade and bring democracy to them like a flaming paper bag full of poop on their doorstep. He doesn't want to send our boys there, mind you. It's because we are very far behind in our robot soldier technology. Flesh and blood is still the most cost-effective way to do battle. It's the government's fault here. They went with Microsoft who keeps delaying the release. If they went with Apple, we would have had the iSoldier months ago and already be on a newer, cheaper model.

But I digress. I'm depressed about our commander-and-thief. What does it take? And why does this moron have such a stranglehold on this country? He wears Iraq like it's the emperor's new clothes and I'm tired of looking at his buttcrack.

The only good news I can find is that at least we're not Russia. Putin is preserving his vision of rolling back democracratic reforms by dissolving the current government and installing his own chosen prime minister. WTF? Bush is positively green with envy.

Soiree Dada begins its second week tonight. Compared to Bush and Putin, it's my preferred brand of committed nonsense. Nobody dies at our shows.


The lovely and talented two-headed beast of Chris Othic and Nat Topping will be filling in for me at Robowriters at 6:30pm at the Uptown Writer's Space. Chris has a very interesting assignment that I will post tomorrow.


Yesterday, I asked...

"A small plane crash in Provo, Utah Tuesday was caused by what?"

26% said "The pilot spilled his coffee"
- Nope. His grande mocha frappachino was safe, secure and delicious. (BS note: I'm not even going to bother looking up the proper spelling for "grande mocha frappachino," so suck on it Starbucks! Unless I spelled it correctly, in which case, I live in shame.)

26% thought "The pilot was on a cell phone"
- Nope. He was texting anyway. OMG BFF BMBI CRSH

6% guessed "The pilot ran out of gas"
- Nope. The combustible nature of the frappachino gave him plenty of gas.

The correct answer that most of you got at 42% was "The pilot hit a deer"

According to the Associated Press, a plane owned by Utah Valley State College sustained $50,000 in damage when it slammed into a deer during a landing. So, it wasn't a reindeer in flight that it hit. Beware of the burgers being served today at the UVSC student cafeteria.