Friday, December 7, 2007

The World's Greatest...

RoboWriter Assignment

Another simple idea that can be a lot of fun. I am currently working on a scene for a Sketchfest show that features the world's strongest man and the world's richest man together. They are half-brothers meeting on the one-year anniversary of their mother's death. Don Hall will be playing Jackie Ralston, the world's strongest man to my Harve Cheekum, the world's richest man. Jackie is the kind of guy who likes to demonstrate his strength through stunts, like pulling airplanes with his teeth. At their mother's funeral, he was the sole pall bearer carrying his mother's body with his scrotum. Nice image, eh?

To get started on your scene, start with a trusty ol' list of ten. Fill in the blank on The World's Greatest ___________. Let your imagination go from the obvious to the ridiculous.

1) typist
2) fish slapper
3) hand shaker
4) trombone player
5) mountain climber
6) gardener
7) mathematician
8) candle maker
9) horse whisperer
10) shell collector

Build your scene around that character who is the world's greatest fill-in-the-blank. They can be someone who has exploited their gift, such as a typist who works the carnival circuit. They can be someone who has capitalized on their gift, a hand shaker who has become a politician and can get whatever he wants if he can just get you to shake his hand. It can be someone modest about their gift and they have a quiet, ninja-like quality to their trombone playing and handling. Regardless of the approach, have fun with it and play big.


On Wednesday, I asked...

"Celine Dion is out. The new theme song of the Clinton campaign is sung by whom?"

50% said "U2"
- Swap the Canadian chick for a bunch of micks? Nope.

30% said "The Dixie Chicks"
- No way. Hillary is a republican in democrat's clothing. If she went country, it would be Tobey Keith all the way.

20% said "Paul Simon"
- Yep. Except it's a recording of Senator Paul Simon playing "You Are My Sunshine" on a wax comb.

Surprisingly, no one picked the right answer "Big Head Todd and the Monsters"

According to ABC News, Celine Dion's "You and I" was unveiled as the people's choice for Clinton's destiny filled run for the White House. The song played on, from Iowa to South Carolina, without missing a beat. But, now, only the sounds of silence can be heard from the Clinton camp's Celine CD. Instead on the trail these days, Big Head Todd and the Monsters are in and their "Blue Sky" is seemingly the campaign's favorite as the New York Senator enters and exits the stage. I think this is good news, but unfortunately, an example of how her presidency would work. She would make a choice and then Bill would change it. Bubba's got taste in music. He must have hated that song like he hates carrot sticks.

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