Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night

Sketchfest Recommendations for Saturday


Unintentionally Hilarious - South Theater - Written and performed by 30 junior high school students. How can you miss this?


I think you have an even selection here. Jason Flowers and Friends (North Theater), ph Productions (South Theater) and OneTwoThree (West Theater). Jason is featuring some folks he has seen in Second City's Skybox space. He's the technical director there and he knows good from bad because, Lord knows, he's seen more bad sketch comedy than anyone on earth. PH has been around and certainly has the chops to put on a strong show. OneTwoThree are also seasoned and you can check out some of their videos on YouTube to see if theya re to your liking.


Cupid Players - North Theater - All original songs. All hilarious and well done.


I haven't seen any of the shows on the bill, but, as I mentioned yesterday, I would check out The North Briton Theatre Company, just for the cultural exchange value.


Ten West - South Theater - If you missed them last night, seem them tonight!


Another trio I haven't seen. Chris Othic of Robot vs Dinosaur saw Slow Children Playing on Thursday, so, based on his recommendation and the last few scenes he's written, I'd avoid them. Just kidding. He's says they're worth checking out, so do it.