Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Believe...

...that there's nothing inherently wrong with being a republican or republican ideals. The problem is that the GOP has abandoned their core principles and replaced them with fear mongering and hypocrisy. The result being they now have tea baggers, right wing extremists and militia groups who claim them as their own. Nice company. I'd rather hang out with Obama than any high profile republican any day. Except for Steele. Apparently that dude knows how to party.

...that the best Chicago theater is still out there and being done. It's done on a dime, with a lot of gut, and with people smoking real cigarettes on stage.

...that Sandra Bullock shouldn't be so surprised. I mean, look at the guy. Women who are attracted to bad boys shouldn't be shocked when they act like bad boys.

...that if you yell on the senate floor that health care reform will bring Armageddon then you shouldn't wonder why all the mouth breathers are up in arms and inciting violence. However, if you are a God-fearing Christian anti-evolution mouth breather, isn't Armageddon good news? It's the event before the second coming of Christ.

...that Ricky Martin is very brave since he built a career on the ladies wanting to get all La Vida Loca in his tight trousers. But anyone surprised that Ricky Martin is gay was also flabbergasted by George Michael, Clay Aiken, Rock Hudson and Liberace. Yes, Don. Liberace was gay.