Monday, April 28, 2008

Told 'em Good!

The Greatest Stories Never Told...TOLD!, opened last weekend at Gorilla Tango and things went exceptionally well. Chris Othic did an excellent job of prepping the cast of experienced improvisers and actors and packing such a big show into such a tiny space. Counter to my usual approach to a sketch revue, we are loaded up to the gills with props and costumes and set pieces. We even have a tree on stage (courtesy of Nat Topping and foam core board.) This is a very brave ensemble that tackled some difficult pieces to stage, including my take on The Legend of Pecos Bill. I'm very happy with how they figured out how to have Slue Foot Sue bounce so high her head hits the moon. We'll have a review or two coming out this week. I'll let you know if the authorities agree with my take on our production. (The cast from left to right: Mike Johnson, Tim Huerlin, Geoff Crump, Greg Wendling, Kate Lambert, Nat Topping and Jill Fenstermaker.)

METALUNA AND THE AMAZING SCIENCE OF THE MIND REVUE cast! Jen did a great job assembling some fine actors. Some of worked with before, some I'm excited to be working with for the first time, and some who were in the first production with me. Can't wait to get started on this.

The cast for Metaluna and the Amazing Science of the Mind Revue is:

Haliday/Mrs. Holder – Mary Jo Bolduc
Dr. Carlton Twist – Michael Brownlee
Tristan Hannock – Dave Dasmalchian
Rupert Carol Oakes – Regan Davis
Marlena – Lisa Fairman
Mayor Armitage Shanks – Don Hall
Baden Baden – Joe Janes
Tiger – Michael Johnson
Irene HannockRebecca Langguth
Freud/Uncle Louie – Dennis Newport
Nattie Shanks – Erin Orr
Balthazaar – Jeff Shivar
Antoine – Joel Vining

The run of this show is: July 17th - August 16th, Thursday - Sunday, at The Red Orchid Theater on Wells Street.


On Friday, I asked...

"Considered to be NBC's top choice to replace Conan O'Brien when Conan takes over for Leno is whom?"

6% said "Tina Fey"
- Probably not. She's a little busy right now.

6% said "Ryan Seacrest"
- Nope. They actually went with someone with a personality.

No one, rightfully, thought it was "Pauly Shore"

88% got it right with "Jimmy Fallon"

According to The Associated Press, for months, Fallon has been widely considered the top choice to succeed O'Brien when he steps down next year. Last week, published reports said Fallon has signed, or soon will sign, a deal with NBC.

I have my doubts about Jimmy Fallon as a host...or actor...or sketch comedian...but you have to give Lorne Michaels credits. Lorne also produces Late Night and when Conan started, he gave him plenty of time to get good at the job, sticking with him when many critics were begging for the plug to be pulled. However, Lorne seems to be the only person in the world who thinks Jimmy Fallon has any talent. Being cute, which Fallon is very good at, isn't a talent, it's a skill. Like giving blowjobs to producers. Something else he must be good at to justify his career.