Thursday, March 4, 2010

The BS News Quiz of the Day

Yesterday, I asked...

"Araceli Gutierrez of East Chicago, Indiana is facing felony charges of neglect when her 3-year-old was found with what?"

40% said "a taser" - Hey, a kid has to protect himself from douchebag four-year-olds.

20 % said "a gun in his binkie" - A right the NRA will fight for.

No one went for "matches in his underwear"

40% got it right with "cocaine in his sock"

According to Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana, Gutierrez left her son with her sister and never said when she would be back for him. The boy's aunt bathed him, and as she was dressing him in the clothes his mother left, she found a clear wrapper filled with white powder tucked in his sock.

This is an outrage. How can a parent be 100% responsible for everything her child does? If a teenager gets caught with pot in his locker do we automatically assume it belongs to his or her parents? No. Leave this woman alone and get her three-year-old into a drug rehab program pronto. Doesn't Sesame Street have some kind of half-way house? If they can get the Cookie Monster off cookies, they can get this kid off the blow.