Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 Guys, 1 Cup

This week has been quite busy as I wrap up the last week of the semester at Columbia, work on the corporate gig, and prep two shows for Sketchfest.

For some reason, I get real uppity about festivals. I don't fully see the value in them. They smell to me like great money-making opportunities for the organizers and not much else. The people who get the most attention are the ones who already have the most attention coming in to the event. Smaller groups can spend a fortune getting their butts there to participate and leave without gaining anything tangible.

However, I always have a great time, see some shows or groups I've been wanting to see and haven't been able to, see one or two brand new shows or groups that are great, run into old friends and make a few news ones. And for many groups, it's a bonding going-into-battle experience that will test your mettle and create lots of memories, mostly good.

So, I really do like them. they're fun. Especially Sketchfest, where you know the organizers really care about the people who perform at their little soiree. Last year, I performed a remount of a show I did with Don Hall and also used Sketchfest as a springboard for a revue with Teatro Bastardo. This year is similar.

Locked in a Room with Don Hall and Joe Janes: 2 Guys, 1 Cup
written and performed by Don Hall and Joe Janes
directed by Jen Ellison
Thursday, January 3rd at 9:30pm - West Theater
with Premature Infatuation

If you saw our show last year, you laughed, you cried, you were shocked, you were offended, you slipped on blood and tears while scrambling for the exit. This year is no exception. We are assembling all new material. This show has bite. It will bite you and it wants you to bite it in the ass. Look for a return of our Sketchfest Fire Drill where the house managers will surprise us by blowing air horns during the show. At that time, all three acts going on in all the theaters will rotate for a minute or two until we are back on our home stage. Good times. Bring a towel.

The Greatest Stories Never Told...TOLD!
written by Nat Topping, Greg Wendling, Chris Othic
with Joe Janes, Joe Linstroth, Geoff Crump and Brian Crowley
Directed by Chris Othic and Joe Janes
Performed by Mike Johnson, Neil Arsenty, Kate Lambert, Jill Fenstermaker, Tim Heurlin, Geoff Crump, Nat Topping and Greg Wendling
Thursday, January 10th at 8pm - South Theater
with Johnny's Regret

This is a microcosm of the script we've been working on since May. Robot vs. Dinosaur takes you on a wild, adventure-filled romp throughout time and across the globe, from the top of the world to the bottom of your soul. Experience a journey that goes right down the line between fact and fiction. Climb Mount Everest! Battle Robot Hitler! See Jesus fly on a buffalo! A truly ripping yarn! Good times. Bring a towel.

Mark your calendars and come out and play with us. And please plug your show in the comments section so I know to keep an eye out for you.


Yesterday, I asked...

"A new dating service in Florida claims to be the first one to match people by their what?"

34% said "Perversion"
- Finding potential partners who share your kink has already been going on for years. It's called the Internet.

No one said "Height" or "Political Ideology"
- Guess it's not that big of a concern. Sure explains Dennis Kucinich's marriage.

66% got it right with "DNA"

According to WCVB-TV in Boston,, a Florida company, claims to have the first scientific way of finding true love by using DNA matching. They promise to help you find that "perfect someone" with "a natural odor you'll love, with whom you'd have healthier children and a more satisfying sex life." The company sends sealed cotton swabs and instructs customers to swab the insides of their cheeks. ...Ah, romance. It's in the air. Can you smell it? It smells like my armpit. All those jewellers inundating us with commercials this year will have to change their slogans. "Every kiss begins with a swab"