Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Labor Day!

Celebrate by going outside and NOT doing any labor.

In case you miss work, here's a music video from a song called My Cubicle, a parody of James Blunt's You're Beautiful. Written by Keith Hughes, performed by Jym Britton and Scott Bennett. Not sure who cut it to scenes from the classic Mike Judge comedy Office Space. It was posted to YouTube by Tundra77 and has slug for "" superimposed into it.


On Saturday, I asked...

"A woman in Cuero, Texas believes the roadkill she found outside her ranch is none other than what?"

50 % of you chose "The Virgin Mary"
- Or Jesus. Or Elvis. Or, no.

No one went for "A leprechaun" or "A unicorn" or "A leprechaun impaled by a unicorn."

50% picked the correct answer "A chupacabra"

According to the Associated Press, Phylis Canion believes the roadkill she found last month outside her ranch was worth putting in a freezer hidden from curious onlookers: Canion believes she may have the head of the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra. Chupacabra is Spanish for "Goat Sucker." A local vet thinks it might just be a strange dog taking up space next to her frozen peas. I think a saw a "Goat Sucker" in Tiajuana, once.