Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did and Doing

Things are coming along. Production-wise, we have the venue and a few corporate sponsors providing some kibbles and bits for the audience and actors. Presently, I'm working with directors who expressed interest last June to see if they are still available and which show they'd like to direct.

It feels odd for "365 Sketches" to shift from "doing" to "did." There's something about being in the process that lends itself to momentum and enthusiasm. Not that I have lost any enthusiasm, but there is something about the excitement and immediacy of talking to people about this thing I'm doing versus that thing I did. It's left me to shift my focus from the project no longer being about writing a year's worth of scenes to now presenting a year's worth of scenes. Hey, we're putting up 365 scenes in ten days!

We have some really great directors lined up and are talking to a few more. As directors commit to specific slots, I'll post it here. Here's one.

WEEKS 3 & 4 – “Diversity Chicken” - Thursday, June 3rd, 10pm

Director Jason Fleece - Jason directed a piece I wrote called Cheddar Moon for a Chicago Dramatists and Second City 10-Minute Play showcase. He did a great job. I'm very excited to be working with him, again. This block has a few of my favorite scenes - Diversity Chicken (which was in Robot vs Dinosaur's fall show - Hey, Jason, we already have the chicken suit!), Hemlock, Katjitsu, Single White Friendster (which went over really well at Sketchfest) and The Spy Who Dated Me.

Another One of Those Blackouts.2.7.09

Tit for Tat.2.3.09

Diversity Chicken.2.4.09




Single White Friendster.2.5.09

Gravy Boat.2.11.09

Spy Who Dated Me.2.15.09

Looking Great.2.10.09