Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weeks 5 & 6 - Regan Davis

WEEKS 5 & 6 – “Zombie Space Aliens” – Director: Regan Davis

Regan Davis is directing this block of scenes. I first worked with Regan when he was cast in a play I wrote called Metaluna. Regan is very smart and has a dry sense of humor, which, of course, I dig. He recently directed a scene I wrote called Lighthouse for the Wednesday night Nighthawk Sandwich show. What I like about the job he did with that piece is that he took a pretty basic gag that tags the scene and turned it into one of the funniest moments of the evening with just the slightest change to it. This block has some interesting scenes. Loud Sunshine is very surreal, Public Hair is based on an actual experience a friend had on the dating scene and Once Upon A Time In A Church Basement is a showdown between three old ladies at a rummage sale. Very excited to have Regan on board.

Bad News.2.18.09



Mercury Poisoning.2.19.09

Once Upon A Time in the Church Basement.2.21.09

Public Hair.2.16.09

Suess Club.2.20.09

Mr. Mysterium.3.1.09

Zombie Space Aliens.2.23.09

That’s Just Jay.2.25.09

TheC-E-Yos(a rap song).2.24.09

The Third One.2.26.09

The Wretched Refuse2.27.09

This Is My Art.2.28.09


Yesterday, I asked...

"Senator Chris Buttars of Utah wants to save up to $60 million dollars in the school system by making what optional?"

75% said "attendance" - Sorry, must be present to win.

No one went for "gym class" or "state exams"

25% got it right with "senior year"

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Sen. Chris Buttars, who once talked about dropping 12th grade altogether, now is talking about making 12th grade optional for those students who finish their required credits early -- and some lawmakers are listening to the idea with interest. Buttars is proposing the state save up to $60 million by giving students the option of graduating from high school early. Students who finish their high school requirements early are already allowed to graduate early, but Buttars' proposal would provide more incentives for students to do that and make that option clearer, he said.

Some of those incentives include; living at home watching TV, minimum wage employment, a jump on that alcohol or drug addiction.