Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Grown-Up Bed - SOLD!!!

Well, I think I have a new apartment. The leasing agent hasn't completed all the paper work, but says it looks good, don't worry about it, it's yours. Just the kind of stuff that does make me worry. I'm still looking forward to getting rid of lot of stuff so I can start fresh. Or fresher.

The main stuff I'm looking to sell are the big things.

Like my bed. Portly self-cleaning cat not included.

I love this bed. It marks my graduation from futon mattress to grown-up bed. It's queen size. Has an awesome
Serta-Sleeper mattress and box spring. I am notorious for flipping and rotating, so there's no Norman Bates' mother's outlines going on here. The posts are cherry wood and the head and foot are black iron, I believe. It's very sturdy. I have had it for eight years and have taken it apart and put it back together five or six times. I've never had a problem with it.

I paid almost a grand for it. All I'm asking is $200, mattress included. E-mail me at if you are interested.

The BS News Quiz of the Day

Yesterday, I asked...

"A 25-year-old Iowa City drunk driver has been accused of attempting to bribe the police with what?"

25% said "foot massages"
- Well, if you have a skill, work it.

25% said "a night with his mom"
- Well, if your mom has a skill, work it.

25% said "all the loose coins in the ash tray"
- Keep the chewed gum and the broken toothpicks with my compliments, officer.

The remaining 25% got it right with "sandwiches"

According to The Press-Citizen, a drunken driver attempted to get off the hook by offering a police officer Jimmy John's sandwiches. According to police reports, Mark Anthony Booth, 25, of Iowa City was charged with drunken driving and bribery early Sunday morning. Booth was riding with a police officer in a squad car following the arrest when he offered him "free Jimmy John's sandwiches if he was allowed to go home," the report states. The officer declined the offer, to which Booth allegedly responded, "C'mon...Nobody's going to know."

I'm a little speechless. I mean, that's a pretty good deal. What's wrong with that cop? Mark should have sweetened the deal with some chips.