Monday, July 7, 2008


((Editor's note: Things have been a little nutty lately, but I will do my best to at least update the daily quiz and get you all up to speed on my doings and dones soon - Joe.))

We're coming down to the wire on putting
Metaluna and the Amazing Science of the Mind Revue up in front of people. Wheeeeeee! It's like Christmas seeing all the props and costumes and the set all come together. The good kind of Christmas - not the "get me another beer" and "why aren't you playing with the cigarettes I got you" kind.

For a very eloquent description of the play by Mike Johnson, go HERE. You'll also get treated to a fun Bare Naked Ladies music video.

Previews for Metaluna begin next week. Get in on the action. They are only five bucks at the door at 8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - the 14th, 15th and 16th - we open on Friday the 18th.

The show is at A Red Orchid Theatre.


On Thursday of last week, I asked...

"Angel Eversole of Kentucky is facing prostitution charges for allegedly trading sex for what?"

34% said "Groceries"
- I can relate to this. I've wanted to get down on my knees more than a few times for a bag of Oreos and a few staples.

No one went for "Mortgage" or "Love"

66% got it right with "Gasoline"

According to The Smoking Gun, a Kentucky woman is facing prostitution charges for allegedly trading sex for gasoline. Angela Eversole, 34, was nabbed last weekend during a police stakeout at a Days Inn, where she allegedly trysted with customer Kenneth Nowak. According to court records, Nowak admitted paying for Eversole's services, in part, with a $100 Speedway gas card.

America complains about getting screwed at the pumps. May as well get paid for it.