Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flying South

Whenever I travel for business I almost always end up in place like Kuwait in August or the Upper Peninsula in March. This is one of two times that I can think of where the travel gods have got it right. I am flying to Orlando today and will return on Sunday. And it looks like I'll be able to do updates from there...poolside. I love traveling for business. It makes me feel important. But I couldn't help but notice that the client booked themselves flights out of O'Hare (in first or business class, I'm sure) while they booked the Fig crew and I to fly out of Midway (steerage).


Yesterday, I asked...

"A county judge in Washington state who made a woman in his courtroom remove her hat has apologized because she what?"

50% said "Her hat was a wig"
- I've seen old people do that and you can tell because it just doesn't quite line-up right. Velcro strips will help that. That's my bald guy tip of the day.

No one fell for "Is Muslim" or "Had severe hat head"

The other 50% got it right with "Has cancer"

According to The Tri-City Herald, a Benton County judge has apologized for telling a woman with cancer to take a knitted cap off her bald head or leave his courtroom. "Words can't express how sorry I am," Judge Holly Hollenbeck told the Herald on Monday, a few hours after he spoke with Bev Williams by phone and offered an unconditional apology. Williams, 43, said the District Court judge told her the no-hat rule would no longer apply in his courtroom. Williams, who lost her hair after enduring six months of chemotherapy, was in court to give moral support to her teenage daughter, who was facing a misdemeanor charge. Hollenbeck insisted the Kennewick woman remove her hat or leave. Williams chose to leave, crying as she left the courtroom, which had 60 people in it. You know, what kind of barbaric world are we to live in every time we change a rule for someone just because they have a little cancer. You get cancer, you take your lumps. Am I right or what? ...Hello...Excuse me, another Sea Breeze for Cabana Number 8, please...Keep 'em coming...