Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Salvador Janes

Like anyone trying to eek out a living in the creative arts (as opposed to those non-creative arts), I have my complaints.

But they usually get trumped when I have days where I get to do things like this...

This is going to be my writer bio picture on Fig Media's website. I wanted to show writing as something very active. VERY active. Tim Musho is the brilliant photographer. We also had a little help from Hafeez Sarumi, Joe Martinez and Andrea Giampoli, who were very happy to throw paper at me.

If it looks familiar, it should...

Steal from the best. But don't throw wet cats.


Yellow Alligator has added two performances this Thursday and Friday. For more info, go HERE.


Do you really need a breakdown of what they stand for? Or would you rather make your decision based on negative ad campaigns? Apparently, some people do. Thanks, Mr. Hall.