Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Birds

Yesterday was a rough, long day here in San Antonio. A good chunk of the day was devoted to playing a game that I created that mixed trivia questions about products with trivia about things you should have learned in school and done in a style similar to "Are You Smarter Than A 5th grader" mixed in with Field Day type of activities. It had a lot going on and a lot of details to juggle. It went well, though. We didn't get through everything I prepared, but we all had a good time - including me. By the time the sessions ended, I was exhausted and didn't want to go to the evening event.

The evening event was at a place called the Buckhorn Saloon. A fun and disturbing place. Every animal that can be conceiveably stuffed and mounted was on display. The giraffe head mounted on the wall - full length neck included - was freaky. There was also a walrus head which just didn't seem right. It was like an ancient nature museum if P.T. Barnum were to build it. There was even a section for stuffed two-headed calves and such. I cannot think of any animal not represented. They even had shrunken human heads.

Aside from the vacant dead animal eyes staring at me all night, the food was terrific. They were very accommodating to my vegetarian needs. Afterwards, they gave us all poker chips and we got to play different games (for no money, boo!). It gave me a chance to practice Texas Hold'em which turned out to be a lot of fun.

This morning I was burning to get out of this hotel and go for a walk. When I walked out of the hotel, I heard birds. Tons of them. I looked up and every tree had every branch populated with blackbirds. It sounded just like the Hitchcock film, a screechy, scratchy noise. I walked slowly avoid both being pooped on or eaten.

I explored the Riverwalk a bit and found a small artists community called La Vallita. It was too early to check out any shops, but it had a very nice southwest feel to it, including a small chapel.

Even though I have spent most of my time in the hotel, I feel like I have a taste of San Antonio. In spite of the cold weather in Chicago right now, I can't wait to get home.