Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

"Rabbit Seasoning" (1952)

I heart Daffy Duck. Whenever I create a character for a show, I usually end up using elements of Daffy. I think you can see traces of the duck in my work in Soiree Dada and The Armageddon Radio Hour. In Rabbit Seasoning, he teams up with Bugs Bunny. They were the Hope and Crosby of the cartoon world. Willing to work together, but more often than not, willing to sell out the other at the drop of a hat. This cartoon has two of my favorite Daffy quotes; "Pronoun trouble." and "You're dithpicable." He also gets shot in the face half a dozen times. It's the kind of thing that would send parental watchdog groups in a tizzy and it's hysterical slapstick.


Yesterday, I asked...

"In Brisbane, Australia, to save a man who ingested anti-freeze, doctors intravenously fed him what?"

30% picked "Oatmeal"
- Must have been the real runny kind...No.

No one went for "Iced Coffee" or "Cat Food"
- Which is a treat I give my own cats during those hot summer days. Not.

70% chose what many consider to always be the right answer "Vodka"

According to the Associated Press, doctors plugged an Italian tourist into a drip-feed of vodka to save him at a hospital in Australia that ran out of the medicinal alcohol it would normally have used for treatment. It worked, but he was very upset they didn't use a nice grappa.