Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Up On The Roof


After you have completed the first draft of your scene, go back through it form the perspective of each character. If you have a six person scene, that means reading through it six times. Look at each moment of the scene from that character's perspective. Where did they just come from? Where are they going to? What's on their mind? What would they do or say or want in that moment?

Not only will this help bring your characters (and scene) to life, it will help eliminate scenes where a characters gets left out to dry with nothing to say or do for a page or two.


Yesterday, I asked...

"A Fort Pierce Florida man came home last week to find a woman on his roof who refused to leave unless he did what?"

62% said "Flashed his porch lights so the UFO could find her"
- No one told her the mother ship doesn't pick up hitch hikers.

No one said "Caught her when she jumped" or "Pretended he was Santa"

38% got it right with "Gave her more beer"

According to TCPalm, when the Binney Drive resident returned from work Wednesday night, he noticed something that could be considered unusual — a 28-year-old woman drinking beer on his roof.

He reportedly told Amber D. Smith, of the 700 block of North Indian River Drive, several times to get down from the roof and leave, but she “objected and refused to do so,” according to a recently released police report.

Police were dispatched about 9:15 p.m. to a “drunk pedestrian on the roof” and arriving officers heard the man twice tell Smith to leave. Smith reportedly said she’d leave if the 37-year-old man gave her more beer, police reported.

Smith faces a disorderly intoxication charge.

And a formal complaint from the local roofing contractors union. Only they are allowed to be on a roof intoxicated.