Thursday, January 17, 2008

Florida Kind of Blows

Okay, I really, really, have nothing to complain about. I have a lovely hotel room. The food is decent and most of it will be paid for by the client. There's a small arcade with air hockey and a Family Guy pinball machine. The vending machines have sodas- 20 oz sodas! - for only a dollar. I'm being paid to write, perform and be creative.

What blows is to be in Florida in the winter and have rain, possibly thunderstorms, all frickin' week. We may get some sun on Saturday when I am booked to be indoors all, and I mean ALL, day. Woo-hoo! The big events today for conference goers are to either go golfing - which will really suck - or go to Universal Studios - which will really suck, but they do have many indoor activities. I'll be making my way over to Universal Studios later this afternoon after a rehearsal when it is supposed to lighten up a bit, but still be raining.

Last night, after a long day of travel and meetings, the Fig crew and I hopped in the outdoor poolside hot tub. As soon as I dipped my tired body into the bubbly hot goodness, it started to rain. But it was actually enjoyable. It was a light sprinkle while sitting in a hot tub. And it brought out the earthy smell of surrounding trees and dirt. So, I really do have nothing to complain about and having to choose between waiting for a bus in the single digit temps of Chicago or bobbing in a warm hot tub in the rain, well, you know...

One thing we did last night that I will be stealing and bringing to my own shows is how we sat around a table and went through every moment of the show flow. The "show," in this case, is over three days. Very thorough and it made apparent what was still needed and it added a lot of assurance moving into the week.


Yesterday, I asked...

"New census figures have declared France to be the 2007 European champion of what?"

47% said "American expatriates"
- I think it's only true if you are counting celebrities who can afford it.

8% said "Diversity" or "Wealth"
- Either may be true, but if it is, they are not bragging about it.

37% got it right with "Fertility"

According to the AFP, with 1.98 children per woman, France's fertility rate is now ahead of Ireland on 1.90, according to the latest government figures, and well above the European Union average of 1.52. Hmmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with George Clooney having a home in France. Somebody put that stud out to pasture already.