Monday, September 22, 2008

Chaos Into Order

I hate moving, so I do it well. I make sure everything is packed up, labeled, stacked and ready to go. In spite of my diligence, there's always a box or two that slips through the cracks. What's in the box? I don't know. I usually don't find out until after the move because the box had yet been unpacked from a previous move. I opened a box here to find that it had dirty laundry in it from two apartments ago. My goal is to not let that happen this time. All current boxes will be gone through. Items will either be repacked, thrown out, or donated to Salvation Army.

There's also something about having a project where things need to spin out of control a bit before you can see the end. Directing improv shows and sketch shows where the cast develops the material is in a similar vein. Make a big mess, then keep what works, throw out what doesn't. Yes, yes, I know. My mother meant well when she gave me the white teddy bear with the script Ohio and plastic-encased State of Ohio quarter embedded in its chest, but it's time for it to move on. Just as soon as I take a brick to that plastic casing.

Here's what bothers me the most...How the hell did I accumulate so many plastic hangers?


On Friday, I asked...

"Scientists will be using the same satellites used by Israeli defense forces to do what?"

27% said "study Mideast air emissions"
- Camel methane?

18% said "track litter"
- Not much litter there. People actually pick up after themselves. Or have their hands cut off.

No one said "analyze human depressions effect on tropical depressions"

55% got it right with "count kangaroo rats"

According to The Associated Press, scientists plan to use satellite photos to count Giant Kangaroo Rats, the first-ever monitoring of an endangered species from outer space. Scientists will examine images taken from the same satellite used by Israeli defense forces to find the circular patches of earth denuded by the rats as they gather food around their burrows

Why are scientists interested in counting kangaroo rats? Because, silly, they are so frickin' adorable!