Thursday, May 8, 2008

People, It's Our Government...

People who are confident and sure cause problems. People who are hopeless, afraid and humiliated don't have the gumption to speak up and stand up for their rights. People who are in debt, unemployed and uninsured fall into this second category. We have spent the last eight years under an administration very happy to have the general population very unhappy. It's good for business. People who feel defeated don't bother to vote.

Our government is not afraid of us. Our protests are poorly attended and not very disruptive. We don't turn our anger into votes, we turn it into apathy. We don't kick out the money-grubbing assholes and put in people who genuinely care about us. If we did, we would have universal health care, better schools, electric cars and, most importantly, pride in our country. Some people will argue that America does have pride. I think they are confusing an attitude with pride. A blind "fuck you, we're America" attitude that says we're better than everyone else while we pour billions of dollars and thousands of lives into rebuilding a country that doesn't want us there.

So, what are you going to do about it? The most important thing you can do is vote. Vote for the people who walk their talk and aren't having their income supplemented by huge corporations. And let your voice be heard. Even if it's just by e-mail. For example...

Subject: Tell Speaker Pelosi: No Compromises on Illegal Wiretapping

Dear Friend,

Our hard fought victories on the Bush administration's illegal wiretapping program are in danger once again.

CREDO Action alerted me to the fact that the ACLU is now reporting that some high-ranking members in the House -- including Majority Leader Steny Hoyer -- are working behind closed doors with the Bush administration and conservatives in Congress to negotiate a compromise bill.

Join me in taking action now -- we need to encourage the House of Representatives to stand strong. Tell Speaker Pelosi to stop Hoyer and others from caving to Bush and his allies on the illegal wiretapping issue.

You can check out what is at stake and send your own message directly to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi using the link below.



Yesterday, I asked...

"Tomorrow's Wireless World reports a new technology is being tested involving 'in-body' sensors that do what?"

14% said "Sells your organs on eBay upon your death"
- Only if they are shaped like Elvis or the Virgin Mary.

12% said "Plays music only you can hear"
- Um, that's called an iPod. The only surgery involves a wallet extraction.

12% said "Alerts you to free porn in your vicinity"
- I don't need an implant for that. My imagination is a fountain of free porn. In fact, I'm picturing you naked, right now.

62% got it right with "Remotely warns doctors of heart attacks"

According to The Times On-Line, the Bluetooth wireless technology that allows people to use a hands-free earpiece while making a mobile telephone call could soon alert the emergency services when someone has a heart attack, Ofcom predicts.

The communications regulator said that sensors could be implanted into people at risk of heart attack or diabetic collapse that would allow doctors to monitor them remotely.

I suppose this is a good thing, especially if I can also use my catheter for text-messaging.