Friday, August 15, 2008


Bob Fisher is working on a fun project over at The Mammals. He wrote a cool Rod Serling-esque boxing play called Meatlocker last year. Instead of jumping into a production, he's working the story out by turning it into a graphic novel first.

Here's me as Benny the Booker!

Here's Dave Goss as the boxer known only as Meatlocker.

I'll keep you posted on updates.


My brother is coming in town to vacation here for a week. Vacation means sleeping on an air mattress in my apartment, doing lots of touristy stuff, seeing the closing weekend of Metaluna, and drinking a lot. Oh, and seeing The Dark Knight in iMax! I'm meeting him at Union Station this morning and then treating him to breakfast at Lou Mitchell's.


No sale on the ring yesterday, so it's now up on Craig's List. I'll be selling more stuff, too. I'm moving in a month and a half and I feel the need to purge and start over. I would be fine if my move consisted of one suitcase, my laptop and one cat under each arm.


Yesterday, I asked...

"According to The Office of National Statistics in England last year, one of the most popular baby girl's names is what?"

20% said "Edna"
- You have to be born an aunt to get the name Edna.

20% said "Gertrude"
- The problem with this name is that you are stuck being called "Gert" or "Trudy." You're either going to be the elder stateswoman on a lesbian bowling team or a bobby soxer.

No one said "Irene"

60% got it right with "Ruby"

According to the BBC News, some traditional names such as Edna and Norman are in danger of dying out in England and Wales, research suggests. In 1907, 1,048 babies were named Gertrude but none were in 2005. The Office for National Statistics says the most popular baby names last year were Jack, Thomas and Oliver for boys and Grace, Ruby and Olivia for girls.

I had no idea the name "Ruby" was so popular. I have met a Grace and Olivia before. Hell, I have even met an Edna, Irene and a Gertrude, but I have never met a Ruby. The article doesn't explain why that name has picked up so much steam over there. The only famous Ruby I know is Ruby Dee, the American actress. This is clearly a ploy on England's part to widen the cultural wedge between our two countries!