Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Believe...

...that there is no such as one true love. Do you really think your only purpose on this planet is to find and hold on to some soul booty? We get tied up looking for perpetual fireworks in relationships and then blame the other person when the rocket blasts peter out to just sparklers and smoke bombs. Fireworks are fun. They just don't make an interesting story in the long run. You know, like a Transformers movie

...that the polls on what the majority of Americans want when it comes to healthcare are deceptive. According to Gallup, before passage, a slim majority opposed the bill. After passage, 49% said they approved and 40% disapproved. 11% moved to Costa Rica.

...that it's really a sad state of affairs in this country when one looks forward to a vacation in order to get things done.

...that there's something to be said for consistency when it comes to things like working out or practicing your art. The universe pays attention when you do something every day at the same time and starts to send rewards your way. But only if you engage in it fully and get value out of it. If what you're doing every day without fail is planting your butt in a chair and staring at a company computer that won't even let you access porn, well, you die a little.