Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Believe...

...that apples and oranges are both fruit, both round and both can be eaten by hand. Apples have a skin you can eat. Oranges should be peeled. Both have seeds you can eat, but they taste icky. Overall, I like them both. There. I did it. I compared apples to oranges.

...that America has become a really awesome place for rich people. And they like it that way. We do have the best health care and education, if you can drop the ten million dimes to afford it. Corporate leaders and stockholders steal from the poor to keep themselves rich.

...that theater is live and immediate. It is human beings sharing stories with human beings. And as long as the stories are well told and connect, there will always be a place for it.

...that when you put on a festival involving over 200 people putting up 26 shows in 11 days and can't think of a single hitch to the whole proceedings, it's because you've learned to work with people who are bright, creative, courteous and fun.

...that we have a war that has gone on longer than Vietnam, an environmental disaster that could destroy the lives of millions, health care reform that mostly isn't, laws that put corporations over people and...where am I going with this? Oh, yeah, good thing we know how to laugh or we'd all be lining up to get our government-issue straight-jacket and padded cell.