Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day

I love it when winter acts like winter. It snowed most of yesterday, all night, and is still snowing. After unearthing most of my fiancee's car, I convinced her not to go to work. I actually used the words "I forbid you," but that was more for macho effect. It wasn't hard to convince her. The roads are in horrible shape, she works out in the 'burbs, it's warm in here and cold out there. She might trek out later once the snow stops, but I'm hoping we get to hole up here all day and make cookies. And by making cookies I mean (wink-wink) making cookies. We have this great macademia nut/white chocolate batter in the freezer.


Back and ready for action. New place, new time. Gorilla Tango, 1919 North Milwaukee (near Western) from 1pm to 3pm. $5. Bring in scenes. Have them read. fetal position optional.


Tuesday, March 4th - get your voice heard by creating a worldwide Cyber Shout. Post on your blog, where ever you can, "Impeach Bush Now!"

Of course, I'm already getting feedback from folks who think this is a waste of time. For the record, I do not think this one single act will get George W. Bush the impeachment he so rightly deserves. That's going to take a groundswell of getting the knuckleheads in Washington to pay attention to the will of the people. I consider this a part of what needs to be done. And it's a big challenge. Most of America is content living in a somnabulistic state when it comes to government. "Assholes are in charge, they'll always be in charge, there are countries that have worse leaders, it'll be over soon, let's focus on getting a new one in office." The problem with that line of thinking is that it doesn't change the system. I love this country. I believe in the principles it was founded on. There's no room in my America to let a liar, thief and murderer off the hook.

Now, I will chop my soapbox up for kindling and go make some cookies.


Yesterday, I asked...

"A controversial new art exhibit in Liverpool showcases sculptures made of what?"

38% said "Human Excrement"
- This could be more like a found art exhibit...(plop!)..Oh, look! Elvis!

37% said "Animal Fat"
- Sir, please don't suck on the bacon madonna.

12% said "Toe Nails"
- Not much different than sculpting with elbow macaroni.

13% got it right with "Skin"

According to the BBC, a controversial new exhibition on display in Liverpool showcases real skin tissue in sculptures. Sk-interfaces at FACT includes a tiny coat made of human and rodent skin cultures, a brain with glowing moss and a jacket made of synthetic skin. The ideas behind the unusual exhibits came from artists but was created by a group of scientists from the University of Liverpool. The exhibition explores the concept of skin's place in art.

Here's one of the artists at work...