Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Believe...

...that people who are angry and can't face the truth of their rage - their own failings, usually - are easy to rally around a common enemy. The bulk of right wing tea partiers are pissed off sheep blind to their own prejudices as they focus their hatred on Obama, the new Hitler, under the flag of protecting the constitution. Where were these guys during the Bush years? Where were these guys last week in Arizona?

...that the natural state of things is clutter and decay. Anything alive will die. Anything clean will be attacked by dust bunnies. Our job on this planet is to be its custodians. And it starts with my apartment. Can I get the EPA to clean my bathroom?

...that the cool thing about the Internet is that it allows us to discover music, films and TV shows that just wouldn't come up on the regular channels. And I can fill my Pushing Daisies void with a show I completely missed the first time around, Dead Like Me.

...that I love plays that revel in lively ensemble storytelling. Go see Strawdog's production of The Good Soul of Szechuan.

...that one month away from the start of 365 Sketches in June I am 80% excited and 20% freaking out about the scope of the project. The directors and casts are amazing and I am blown away by their ingenuity. I threw them a lot of creative challenges that even I wasn't sure how they could be done on stage. And they're being done. Time Beaver costume? Handled.