Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday News Quiz

Last Friday, I asked...

"The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery is the first of its kind to treat what?"

14% said "Celebrity Gossip Addiction"
- Sheesh. Maybe they should. Paparazzi are like drug suppliers.

14% also said "Wii Addiction"
- Another source for carpel tunnel syndrome. Yay, technology!

7% said "Green Addiction"
- We could use a little green addiction. As long as we're not talking cash here.

65% got it right with "Internet Addiction"

According to ABC News, at the height of his Internet addiction, Ben estimated that he spent at least 16 hours a day surfing the Web. Ben sought help at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery -- the only in-patient facility in the country that treats patients for Internet addiction.

According to therapist Tanya Camacho, the most challenging aspect of Internet addiction is the recovery process because of the wide availability of the Internet, whether it is on a computer or a cell phone. "Cocaine and other illegal drugs are not at the library or a coffee shop," Camacho said. "Computers are everywhere."

Me? I'm not addicted. I can quit any time I want. Here I am taking a break from blogging.