Friday, February 15, 2008

The BS News Quiz of the Day

Yesterday, I asked...

"Because of Alaskan State Trooper Howard Peterson's recent experience, Anchorage may want to consider road signs that say what?"

8% said "Speed Humpback"
- Oh, no! I just lost my hubcap hitting that blow hole!

8% said "Bear to Your Right"
- Ah, another Kodiak moment.

No one fell for "Dangerous Wolves Ahead"

84% got it right with "Beware of Falling Moose"

According to The Associated Press, Alaska State Troopers see plenty of hazards, but Trooper Howard Peterson was nearly felled by a new one: falling moose. Peterson was driving Feb. 2 on the Seward Highway south of Anchorage when something big and black fell out of the sky about 20 feet in front of his patrol car. Drivers often see Dall sheep on the cliffs but rarely moose. Peterson estimates the animal fell 150 feet or more.

So, they think it was an accident. I have a different theory.