Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weeks 1 & 2 - Mary Jo Bolduc

WEEKS 1 & 2 – “Dancing with the Devil” – Director: Mary Jo Bolduc

Mary Jo Bolduc has taken on directing the first show in the 365 Sketches showcase in June. I have known Mary Jo for over a decade ever since she was a member of TourCo. We have worked together with ComedySportz, Teatro Bastardo and WNEP (currently, we are both writers and actors in The (edward) Hopper Project and co-artistic directors of Night Sandwich.) She's a talented, funny, hard working human. You want something done, give it to Bolduc. She's done an amazing job on Nighthawk Sandwich. Even though we share credit, she has done the lion's share of the work and holds it all together every week while I stay out of the Bolduc tornado's way. I'm very excited she's taken this on. It contains two of my favorite scenes, Single Slices and Pushing The Envelope. Slices showed up in last spring's Robot vs Dinosaur's production of Run, Palindrome, Nur and Pushing the Envelope, my first comic monologue of the project, was delivered with what can only be called aplomb by Kevin Gladish at our Sketchfest showcase.

Babies Are Assholes.1.25.09


Czernik on the bus.1.22.09

laid on.1.19.09


Made in China.1.20.09.doc

single slices.1.23.09

Dancing with the Devil.1.29.09

Chet Later.1.30.09

Pushing The Envelope.1.26.09

Better Than Money.1.27.09


Chet At Lunch.1.31.09



A strip club in Toledo, Ohio is doing their part to raise money for charity by featuring what?

No one thought it was Showers for Unemployed, Blow Jobs for Homeless (Body shots, anyone?) or Tea Bags for Healthcare

100% correctly said Lap Dances for Haiti

According to The Toledo Blade, "scantily clad dancers were the draw at a downtown men's entertainment club over the weekend for an event that raised nearly $1,000 for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Marilyn's on Monroe, 715 Monroe St., billed Saturday's affair as "Lap dances for Haiti."
" Two sister clubs in the Detroit area, the Landing Strip in Romulus and Subi's Place in Southgate, have scheduled similar events this month with a goal of raising $5,000.

They'll raise 5,000 dollars and about 150 boners. Now, if those dancers really want to make a difference, they should send a team down to Haiti where they can donate their lap dances directly to the folks who need them the most. Hey, wasn't there an earthquake in Illinois, yesterday? Where's my lap dance?

Here's a man doing his part to make the world a better place.