Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 48, Day 331 - "Free Hugs"

“Free Hugs”

Written by Joe Janes


331 of 365


Harry, 30s

Smudge, 30s

Baby Candy, 20s

(Lights up on a street corner. Harry, a cute, nebbish man is holding a handmade sign that says “Free Hugs.” He stands there until someone in the audience is brave enough to come up and get a hug from him. After one, likely another person will join in. When a third person comes, Smudge, a pimp and Baby Candy, his ho, enter. Smudge taps Harry on the shoulder with his walking stick. He indicates he wants some money. Smudge and Baby Candy chase off anyone waiting for a hug. Smudge bitch slaps the Harry to the ground and takes his wallet. He takes the money and throws the wallet away. He sends Baby Candy offstage. Smudge takes the man’s sign and tears it up. Baby Candy returns with a new sign and gives it to the hug guy. The pimp and ho exit, but not without a severe look of warning. Harry gets up and holds up the new sign. It says “Nasty Hugs - $20.” An overweight, sloppy pervy guy enters, sees the man and licks his lips as he seductively pulls out a twenty. Lights fade.)