Friday, January 18, 2008

BS News Quiz

Today's a busy day at the corporate event. My call time is 7am and I'll be going all day through 6pm. SO, just the news quiz today...


Yesterday, I asked...

"U.S. scientists say they have created a genetically-engineered carrot that does what?"

34% said "Tastes like candy"
- Given how candy-ized yogurt and granola bars have become, this can't be far behind.

11% said "Beats up rabbits"
- That's one tough carrot.

No one thought it might be "Eats itself"
- This is geared towards kids who don't like vegetables and parents who like clean plates.

55% got it right with "Provides calcium"

According to the BBC, scientists in the US say they have created a genetically-engineered carrot that provides extra calcium. On its own, the carrot would not meet the daily requirement of 1,000mg of calcium, but if other vegetables were similarly engineered, intake could be increased dramatically. Um, instead of mutating nature with Frankenfoods, couldn't people wishing to have more calcium in their diet and avoid dairy just eat more vegetables that already have calcium in them. Stuff like kale? No? Too tough to market? Okay. Then if you really want me to eat those carrots so I can get more calcium, you're going to have to make them taste like coffee. Or Corn Nuts.