Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The BS News Quiz of the Day

Yesterday, I asked...

"Johnny Diablo recently opened a strip club in Portland, Oregon that only features strippers who are what?"

27% said "Hefty"
- All the poles are bent from the use. The strippers lose the dollar bills on their own body.

10% said "Unshaven"
- One shouldn't shed during a lap dance.

9% said "Libertarian"
- No tipping. Just a flat tax.

54% got it right with "Vegan"

According to the urban travel guide Gridskipper, what might be the world's only vegan strip club opened last month in Portland. There are no leather or other animal products used in any of the on-stage costumes, and most of the strippers say they're vegan as well. Instead of the usual bar grub, the menu has vegan replicas of chicken nuggets and the like. As the owner, a long-time vegan himself, Johnny Diablo, has charmingly put it in interviews, "the only meat we have is up on stage."

A vegan strip club also attracts unusual heckling from the patrons. "Hey, baby! Do organic fries come with that dairy-free soy shake?"